SfHFTCon 2019

Monday 22nd, July 2019 / 16:28

Event Name: SfHFTCon 2019

Where: Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

When: 23-25 August 2019

Event Description:

Management of heart failure has resolved beyond the ambit of one sided mitigation, with contributions & steadfast strategies being rendered from all sectors of medicine.

The evolution & sustainance of a heart team has changed perspectives involved in the management of heart failure, with transplantation as one vital wing to salvage the failing hearts. Impacting & revolutionary research has been made with a multidisciplinary approach to tackle & salvage the lesions that lead to heart failure, whose numbers have been on the rising surge among developing & developed nations.

The Annual Conference of the Society for Heart Failure and Transplantation (SfHFT), ever since its  inception  in  2012,  has  been an eagerly awaited event as it provides a unique opportunity for discussion  and  networking  among  a  diverse  group  of  professionals  dedicated  to  heart  failure care. SfHFT 2019 is designed to be an ‘A to Z symposium on Heart failure & Transplantation’ consisting of insightful interaction that will provide an update and what’s new in the management of heart failure, it’s therapeutic mechanisms and transplantation for  the  post-graduates,  physicians  and  cardiologists, on  the  contemporary  guidelines  from  India,  Europe  &  USA.  Into it’s seventh edition, the conclave seeks to bring together cardiologists,  cardiac  surgeons, cardiac  anaesthetists  and  other  support  teams on one platform to  interact  and  deliberate  on  the  advanced management of heart failure and nuances of Heart & Lung transplant.


A plethora of experts & stalwarts in attendance, the 3 day conclave is the next frontier in the strategizing & planning involved in managing heart failure & is being organised for physicians, researchers & all those involved in making an outreach to manage heart failure more prudently & effectively.


For more information, please contact;

Dr. Anvay Mulay

Organising Chairman

Email: sfhftcon2019@gmail.com

Ph: +91 93201 74093

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