liveSURGE: Repair & Restore 19th Annual Live Workshop

Friday 19th, July 2019 / 09:46

Event Name: liveSURGE: Repair & Restore 19th Annual Live Workshop

Where: GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore.

When: 22-23 November 2019

Event Description:

Welcome to Coimbatore

The 19th Annual live workshop -liveSurge 2019
Theme – Repair and Restore with Focus on Aortic Valve and the root with specific emphasis on reconstructive surgery.
GKNM Hospital has been in the forefront of conducting live workshops focussing on one aspect of cardiac surgery every year  with experts performing for last 18 years. The 19th edition features Dr Joachim Schafers, Laurent Kerchove , and Christopher Baird.
6 to 8 cases will be demonstrated live taking you through the thought process of the surgeon as he explains the steps and tricks.  The workshop will feature the demonstration of Ozaki procedure also .
We have stuck to our stringent standards on content and time and I am sure this edition will be no exception .
Mark your dates .
Watch for the final program by August end and Register early.
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Dr. Chandrasekar Padmanabhan

Chair & Director

Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery/ Heart Failure & Transplantation

GKNMH, Coimbatore


Ph: +91 9443047152


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