Cardiac Morphology Course(10 Ed.)

Tuesday 04th, June 2019 / 15:18

Where: Zachariah Mar Dionysius Auditorium, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai

When: 20,21 July 2019

Event Description:

The 10th edition of the most popular teaching series on cardiac morphology is back with a bang!
A consortium aptly designed by a dedicated & innovative educationist, Dr. Jacob Jamesraj is one that brings the novices & stalwarts in one place as a phrontistery for discussion, deliberation & dissection of the cardiac structures for a more prudent dissemination of structural anatomy of the heart renews itself in spirit, in it’s tenth recension.

This course is open for not just cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, cardiac anaesthetists or allied health professionals; but shall prove it’s efficacy as an academic feast worthy for any novice interested to know more about this remarkable muscle!

For more information, please contact;
Ms. Sujatha
Senior Executive Secretary, Madras Medical Mission

Ph: 044-26568000 / 66738000 / +91 98416 12076
Brochure: Cardiac Morphology Course 2019 Program

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